Hisao Tsuda, the founder of TSUDA SHOKAI, was born as the third son of a sake brewery in Shiga prefecture, started business of export of fishing line "an artificial silkworm gut" made from silk in Feb,1936.

In 1949, we founded a factory in Kinomoto, Shiga prefecture, and started manufacturing of bamboo rods and lure parts.

In 1964, we expanded sales channels to USA, South America, Australia, South Africa, Europe, New Zealand and developed overseas market.  Won awards 6 times from successive minister of international trade and industry as a company contributing to export business.

In 1977 we started wholesale business of fishing tackle

In 1981 we opened a new office in Shantou, Guangdong and 1991 in Qingdao, Shangdong for action bases in China and developed quick response business for diversifying customer needs.

In 2006 we moved China action base to Shanghai In 2008 we established subsidiary “Zhida Trading company Ltd.” for broadening China market. Handling  

fishing tackle and developping comprehensively producing of plastic injection machine.We all continue to support your development. “Keep challenging. Keep making efforts” is our will inherited 

from the time of foundation.


1936 Started sales of fishing line in Kyoto

1939 Moved office to Kobe(Fukiai ward)

1947 Moved office to Kobe (Suma ward)

1948 Completed a factory in Shiga(Kinomoto)

1950 Established limited partnership

1953 Completed head office building in Kobe

1977 Entity converted to Stock company

1986 Closed factory in Shiga

1987 Remodeled of head office building 

1997 Started new domestic fly fishing brand  “T’s”

1999 Started food import agent business

2007 Started import accessory division

2008 Established subsidiary Zhida Trading company Ltd in Shanghai

2014 Completed the 2nd building in Kobe

2015 Started ADUSTA Fishing Tackle